Scrap Cars Bought

We buy scrap cars, including non-runners and non-starters, offering instant payments via cash or bank transfer. So, if you’re looking for a trusted local garage to take your scrap car off your hands with a straightforward, hassle-free service, contact Smethwick Engines Ltd today.

Crashed Car

Sell Your Non-runner Fast

Is your car going to cost more to fix than simply buying a new one? Are you hanging on to an old car that’s completely beyond repair? Don’t waste any more time. Get rid of your non-runner or non-starter quickly and efficiently with our scrap car buying service.

We’ll take your used vehicle off your hands with minimal stress and hassle, helping you free up space in your garage or driveway for something more useful. Contact our team today and tell us about your vehicle to obtain a quote.

Get Paid Straight Away

We always offer a fair price for any scrap vehicle. You might think your old non-runner is totally worthless, but you might be surprised by what you can get! You certainly won’t get anything for it if you leave it lying around.

With our scrap car buying service, you’ll receive a decent price for your vehicle and get paid straight away via cash or bank transfer, depending on your personal preference. For more information or to obtain a quote for your vehicle, contact Smethwick Engines Ltd today.

Car Accident

Contact Smethwick Engines Ltd

For more information about our second-hand parts and professional garage services, get in touch today.

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